…Pepe and Alberto Ojeda, father and son, we gladly salute you. With us? A complete team of professionals such as photographers, creative artists, lightning experts, dinamizers, musicians, etc; that not only make our job easier, but also contribute their own bits so that our job and your results are just spectacular.

Our enterprise was born in 1983, at the wedding of some of my father's friends. Someone brought in a camera that recorded in VHS format and, from that moment on, everything changed. My father realized that marriage reports were not a widespread practice, a social lack that could become his strength. At that moment, something came on within his mind, and he decided to not only take a risk, but he raised what today is Producciones Ojeda, a consolidated enterprise in the audiovisual sector in Andalusia, both in social reports as well as the world of television.

In the beggining, everything was hard, he had few resources but was full of imagination, sacrifice, constance, engagement, and reliability for everything he did. Values which are still present in the identity and heart of our enterprise.

And here I am, proud not only of my father, but of the legacy he has left to me since I started, and of which I will never get tired of learning.

Alberto Ojeda.

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