...all your doubts. The purpose of this section is to solve some doubts that we have come across at some points of our professional career, as posed by our clients.


¿Is there any possibility of making reservations?
Of course there is, by previously checking availability for the event day.

My marriage is not in Seville, does the cost change?
Yes, depending on the place and distance.

What is the duration of the movie?
The movie recording lasts 30 minutes approximately. It is a short video to show to your friends, family, etc. The duration of the full marriage video is of 1 hour approximately. The rest of the material are necessary recording hours to capture those quality moments.

It is up to you, but surely you would like to hear the comments of your family and guests, or not. You want a pre-marriage? Or post-marriage? Tell us what you want...

Who provides the music?
You have the option of providing it yourself or leave us to it. Lately, we are given freedom in that regard, and clients end up very satisfied.

Waiting time?
Generally, we take an average 1 to 2 months approximately depending on our work load. From March to October is the period of time when there are more marriages, so it is when we will be busier, which could influence the time of delivery.


If you have read this section and still have doubts, please contact us through the contact us section and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.

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